Get the beta version on the Play Store now! Force close on start for Galaxy Nexus? Please get in touch if you’d like to help me fix it! Got a problem? Please email me Since the original demo video, utter! has spent a long time in Alpha stage, but finally it’s ready to go mainstream to catch as many bugs as possible and get some feedback on the functions that are already included and what should be next! If you’d like to help out with the testing, please head to the Play Store on the link above to install! There is a feedback button within the app to report any bugs you find. PLEASE don’t leave a vague comment on the Play Store saying something isn’t working, or I’ll never be able to solve the issue – I can’t reply to them! utter! isn’t your typical Voice Assistant application, neither does it attempt to emulate Siri, which most Voice applications seem to have as their goal. The Android Platform can do so much more that Siri could ever hope to on iOS, so utter! is about unlocking everything that’s great about Android, by voice… It should work right out of the box for you, but you must follow the structured commands! Working alone on this project, natural language recognition has been beyond scope for me, but I hope that will change when the application generates some more interest and hopefully some funding. All of the commands are configurable and customisable to any language supported by Google Voice Search. It will take a bit of tweaking